What does your bra colour say about you?

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Your favourite colours say a lot about you – and even more so when it comes to your bra. Your preferences when it comes to bra colour could reveal a lot about your personality; perhaps it’s a shame that not many people get to see!


A nude bra is infinitely practical – just like you. You’re always polished and well put-together, ready to face the world with your best foot forward. You prefer classic styles over trend-led items, and your friends are always asking you where you got your clothes. You may opt for a safe choice in underwear colour, but that certainly doesn’t extend to your life – you’re ready for anything, and are happy to try new things and new places (in fact, you’re usually the one suggesting them – no one else is as well-informed or organised as you!).


A modern, savvy woman – you know what you want, and you know how to get it. A go-getter, others admire your ambition and your chic style. A Little Black Dress personified, you have a timeless look that never goes out of fashion, and a matching attitude that you apply to all areas of your life.  Compassionate but firm, you have a secret rock’n’roll streak that only a select few are lucky to see.

White or Pastel Colours


A die-hard romantic, you’re a traditional girl at heart. More than happy to wander through fields, or enjoy an evening in front of the fire, you know that the simple things in life will make you happy. A smile from a friend, a hug from your mum and a kiss from the one you love are all you really need. Your lovable and trusting nature means that you make friends easily, and keep them for life. We could all do with taking a leaf out of your book!

Jewel Tones

New Envy Shade Chestnut

Passionate and magnetic, you’re a femme fatale with strong opinions. Others can’t resist your unique charms, and understandably so. You love the finer things in life – an excellent glass of pinot noir and a well-cooked steak are your guilty pleasures – and are always ready with a sparkling anecdote at parties. You can be stubborn when you know you’re right (which you often are) but are gracious in defeat. Always ready with a surprise compliment, others value your opinions highly and look to you as the epitome in elegance and taste for guidance on the best restaurants, bars, shows and books.

Bright Colours

You’re fun loving, cheerful and enthusiastic. A girl-next-door with a wicked sense of humour, you live from one moment to the next, always looking for your next adventure. Spontaneous is your middle name – whether it’s jetting off to the beach for a barbecue or dropping everything to meet a friend for lunch at a moment’s notice, you go where the wind takes you and others are more than happy to tag along for the ride. You’ll never say never, and your positivity is infectious – no wonder you have so many friends!

What does your bra colour say about you?