What sort of bra padding is best?

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Once you’ve found your correct bra size and had your bra size measured, the next step is buying underwear that is going to fit and flatter you. One of the biggest issues we’ve found many women to have is simply not knowing what sort of bra is best for them – what style, what fit, and what type of padded bra (if any) should you buy? In this article we’ll be walking you through the four most popular types of padded bra and boosting materials that are available, and what they’re most suitable for.


Moulded bras are, unlike traditional bras, created using a mould and are constructed from foam-like material, meaning that they have a certain level of inbuilt padding. These bras are perfect for providing a structured silhouette under your clothing, and can help in subtly boosting your bust size too.

Best for: everyday wear, including under t-shirts or casual clothes, or when you need particular structure to your silhouette – like under a shift dress or shell blouse.


Fabric padding

Traditional fabric bras built in sections with underwires will often have some subtle fabric padding made from hypo-allergenic material. In some bras, this fabric padding is removable, making bras like this very versatile. This sort of padding sits under the breast, giving a slight ‘push-up’ effect and supporting your bust simultaneously. Some types of fabric padding can distort after several washes, so make sure you put these sorts of bra on a delicate cycle (or hand wash if you have the time!).

Best for: everyday wear and under shirts or blouses. Often these bras can be a lot prettier than moulded designs so are also good to wear with dresses or camisoles.


panache gel bra



The invention of gel padding is relatively new, but has had significant impact on the types of padded bra that are available. Gel padding, like fabric padding, sits on the underside of the breast and these gel pads are covered in a comfortable fabric or lightweight foam (like that found in moulded bras) for extra comfort.

Best for: evening wear and dresses or blouses that require a boosted cleavage. Low cut and draped necklines suit this sort of bra as it’s supportive as well as boosting.




Spacer Foam padding in bras provides you with a very lightweight way of boosting your cup size, compared to gel padding, which can sometimes feel heavy. Like gel pads, spacer pads are encased in fabric or foam for comfort, but mostly are stitched into the bra so they can’t be removed.

Best for: similar to gel bras – evening wear and when you need a particular boost!

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What sort of bra padding is best?