Panache Sport

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Crafted for fit. Styled for support.

The award winning Panache Sport is the ultimate high impact sports bra, delivering maximum support, comfort and stability, enabling women of all sizes to take part in any sport at any level.

Panache Sports Wired in Black/Coral By Panache Lingerie

Panache Sport was developed and tested using the latest 3D motion and biomechanical technology from Progressive Sports at Loughborough University. By encapsulating the breasts rather than simply strapping them down, Panache Sports shock absorbing technology comfortably reduces ‘bounce’ by an amazing 83%, whilst fitting and feeling like a normal bra. It is Panache Sports aim to show that all women have it within them to achieve their goals, whether it’s taking that first step into the gym or running a marathon.

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The Panache Sport Collection

The award winning encapsulation sports bra collection offers a glamorous and intense feel. Graphic mesh styling and vibrant Graffiti prints give a bold and sophisticated vibe to your gym kit – a fun twist everyone needs!


Crafted for fit. Styled for support.