Bra Myths Uncovered

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From the serious to the downright silly, here at Panache we’ve heard all the myths and rumours about the bra. As experts in the field, we thought it was time we busted some of these common myths to help make bra-buying a pleasant experience for women once again.

One myth we hear over and over is that sleeping in a bra maintains breast perkiness. It would be great if this simple trick could help us defy gravity, but the truth is – nature will take its course! Sleeping in a bra won’t necessarily harm your breasts in any way; however it’s purely just incredibly uncomfortable and won’t magically give you youthful perky breasts forever more.

A rumour that has floated around for many years is that bras trap toxins and as a result, could increase the risk of cancer. As scary as it sounds, do not worry – this is not the case and is not backed by any credible research or by doctors.

The lightest coloured bras are the least visible – wrong! If you’ve worn a white bra under a sheer white top then you’ll know this isn’t true. Instead, opt for a bra that best matches the colour of your skin such as nude for lighter skin tones and dark colours for deeper tans.

Rumours recently surfaced that bras can make your breasts sag, rather than supporting them.  There was research carried out around this, however, this did not take into account females’ breast size or other factors. Generally, bras can help keep breasts perky by supporting the suspensory ligaments.

The cups do most of the supporting. This isn’t true! It’s not actually the cups that support your breasts, nor is it the underwire, but the band of the bra. Of course, the straps provide back support in a lot of cases, but it’s the band that provides the majority of the support. At Panache, we always recommend a bra with a band that fits securely and comfortably around your body, without being too tight.

A good bra can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, this is not the case. A great quality bra like one from Panache may definitely stand the test of time when cared for properly, but no bra will last a lifetime. However, there are lots of tips on how you can care for your bras and ensure they do last longer and remain in great shape. For example hand washing your bras and storing carefully.

What other bra myths have you heard?

Bra Myths Uncovered