Choosing the right bridal underwear

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Choosing the right underwear for your big day can be a daunting task.  There is a large variety of bridal underwear to choose from so it’s important to know what to look for, as the right combination of fantastic lingerie and a great wedding dress will give you the perfect look and feel you will remember forever.

Many brides-to-be are confused by the different lingerie on offer or even what the differences are between various styles, such as corsets to basques, or the benefits of wearing them on your wedding day.  In basic terms, a corset has laces at the back which are used to tighten the garment after it is put on.  A basque uses hook and eye fastening (just like a bra) to fasten at the back.

The corset will give a more dramatic look on body shaping as it has a stiff frame and can instantly reduce your waist line.  They usually have a built in cup with an underwire, whereas basques offer a more gentle shape with much less restrictions to movement and therefore a more comfortable feel.  Basques offer support and shaping of the breasts, while a corset tends to push them up.

If you’re unsure whether you need a corset or basque, at Panache we would recommend avoiding a corset if your wedding dress is sheer, as the lacing on the back may be visible.

Bridal basques come in many shapes and sizes and allow different levels of support and shapeliness.  The bustier is the shortest of the basques and ends at the bottom of the ribcage, therefore offering subtle and light support.  The brasselette comes down as far as the waist and great for shaping a slimmer body but is generally not recommended for fuller figures.

The torsolette differs from the brasselette as it comes down all the way to the top of the hips.  As well as providing shaping of the chest, waist and hips, and therefore providing great overall shape.  The corsolette generally comes all the way from the breast and down over the hips so is a great option for complete body shape.

A simple strapless bra can also be the perfect lingerie for your wedding day, as long as you are wearing the right size and it gives you the maximum you need under your dress.

Of course, you want to look perfect on your wedding day, but at Panache we recommend only wearing underwear you feel comfortable in and that is right for your body shape – so you can focus on enjoying your special day!

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Choosing the right bridal underwear