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The New Year brings with it the chance for a fresh start; the ideal time to write off the ‘not so great’ moments of the last twelve months, and to look ahead with positivity at what can be achieved.

Returning to our previous fitness regime – or, indeed, beginning a new one might feel like a daunting prospect at the moment. Making the ‘healthy living’ resolution is a popular one, and for good reason. The run up to Christmas alone can take its toll on our bodies; a lack of sleep, overeating, and absolutely no time for ourselves can all have a negative effect on our bodies and general state of mind. It’s difficult to become enthused over leaving the house, let alone taking a trip to the gym or going for a jog.


Go easy on yourself and take it one step at a time. Treat January as a warm up, and focus on preparing yourself for the workout regime to come. Mental and physical preparation will ensure that you enjoy your work out and get more out of it than if you were to begrudgingly go through the motions.

Take time to think about what you want to achieve. What results would you like to see from your workout? What type of level of exercise would you feel most comfortable with? Figuring this out will help you to purchase the appropriate clothing and equipment when it comes to getting started.

For those looking to take up more high impact activities such as rugby, tennis and outdoor running, you should look for the maximum support that a sports bra can offer. Continuous movement through such sports as these can cause irreparable changes to the breasts if they are not correctly supported. Reducing the movement of your breasts during exercise will leave the supporting ligaments that help keep the shape and lift of your breasts intact.

Available in a B-H cup, the Panache Sport Sports Bra is a popular choice for sports enthusiasts. Available in a wide choice of colours, you can coordinate the Sport Sports Bra with your existing clothing.

For those tackling slightly less rigorous sports activities, the risk of damage to the supporting ligaments is still present. The bounce reduction need not be quite as high for jogging or power walking, but it’s still better to be with the support than without it.

The right fitting sports bra will go a long way in preserving your breasts’ shape, giving you a boost to the overall body shape you will be working hard to achieve!

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Create a new you with the support you need