Good Fit V's Bad Fit: Get the lift

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It’s time for the next installment of good fit Vs bad fit, and this time we are giving tips on preventing the ‘saggy boob’ look.

Why do we even wear bras? Comfort, convenience, style, discretion, support… There are endless reasons why women wear bras.

One of the biggest reasons is to stop the sag. Being supported correctly can prevent too much movement in the chest area when getting on with day to day tasks, not forgetting that it lessens the strain on the coopers ligaments (the ligaments at the top of your chest that hold your boobs up which once gone are irreparable, meaning that there’s no way of getting the perkiness back, sorry to be the bearer of bad news).


PANACHE_Bra Fit Issues Saggy Boob


When you put on your bra follow this checklist;

Do your breasts fill the cup fully (not pouring out and not lost in side so you have excess fabric creasing)?

Are the straps are tight enough (but not too tight)? A good place to start is with the slider sitting in the mid to top section of the shoulder blade.

Do you have smooth lines around the cup? Does your bra feel secure and supportive?

We recommend Pure Lace, a non-padded moulded everyday t-shirt bra from our fuller figure range Sculptresse.

Or for a bit of colour there is always the gorgeous Kali by Cleo.

Do you need more help? Why not visit a Panache stockist near you to get a professional bra fitting.

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Good Fit V's Bad Fit: Get the lift