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Ah, at last, Spring is in the air (for some of us), and it’s time to start thinking about what to do with our little patches of green heaven (or hell, depending on the state of your garden). The wet winter has certainly created a boggy mess in my back garden, and I was starting to wonder if anything would ever grow in it again apart from weeds. Alas, milder weather has been predicted and we can once again get the seed packets and gardening gloves out!

If you are a novice to gardening, here are a few tips on what produce is easy to grow;

Herbs are probably the easiest and quickest produce to grow, and you don’t even need a garden! Many herbs like Rosemary, sage and thyme will be happy in a window box or plant pots in the kitchen window. These are great to have as you can pick them as you need them and simply add to your cooking for a fulsome flavour that you have grown yourself. We found this great website- The Windowbox Allotment for some useful tips on how to grow veg, herbs and fruit from your windowsill

Fresh herbs preparation for drying on black background

If you do have a little space in a garden, lettuces and courgettes are excellent choices as they need very little help in the growing process and will grow at an expediential rate. You can simply cut off the leaves or courgettes as you need them. They will just keep growing back until the end of the season. Fresh salad every day, perfect!

If you have a bit more room, I would highly recommend growing runner beans if you like them. Again these are an easy vegetable to grow and they look really pretty with their red and white flowers growing up bamboo canes- my summer garden is not complete without these little beauties. The kids love to eat them too so there’s a bonus! Other vegetables that have worked great on our allotment are beetroot, French beans, peas and tomatoes. Strawberries are also a wonderful addition to any plot. All are really easy to grow and just need watering a couple of times a week if the weather is dry.

Runner beans on vine growing in garden


And finally, if you have a bit more room to play with, I would highly recommend growing potatoes! They can even be grown in growing bags or deep containers. There are three groups: earlies, second earlies and main crop. We have a few of each but if you don’t have the space simply grow the type you like to eat the most. Potatoes need quite a bit of room as they can grow quite tall and tend to spread out, and they will need plenty of watering.


Whatever space you have, it is well worth making the most of your garden this year and growing produce you can enjoy. Nothing tastes better than food you have grown yourself.

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Grow your own Kitchen Garden