Highlights of London Fashion Week

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As the fashion elite of the world decent onto the cobbled streets of London there is an air of excitement brewing, as the days pass, more and more gasps are heard in response to the incredible pieces strutting down the catwalks draping the bodies of some of the most famous faces in the world.

2013 has seen a real focus on structured outfits and garments. Here are just a few of our favourite shows. Of course London wouldn’t be complete without the fashion powerhouse that is Vivienne Westwood, known for her intricate pleating, fitted angles and structured necklines.

The beautiful pastel colours were juxtaposed by the slate greys and graphic make up, these looks rely heavily on the foundation of underwear underneath them. The structured pencil skirt dress will always look at its best when slipped over a pair of smoothing seam free knickers and the intricate square neckline would be enhanced by the plunge front bra.  The same can be said of the simple yet striking white shirt, it’s only a good as the bra you wear.  Make sure to invest in a proper t-shirt bra to ensure that the lines and pleats of the shirt sit correctly and define the body as they are intended.

Then came Henry Hollands, House of Holland show filled with loud swirling interior-inspired prints kicked off the show, first with a sharply tailored pink trouser suit look, complete with clashing blue printed shirt, followed by a knee-length shift dress, and full skirted fifties green frock, and then skirt with matching green tights.

Of course the trends of the runways run into the high street fairly rapidly these days. Underwear is no exception as you can see from the Spring/Summer 2013 range from Panache. The bright jewel shades really add catwalk chic to any outfit. So which of the beautiful colours will you be this season?


Highlights of London Fashion Week