Layering, Patterns and getting Dressed in the Dark!

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Summer has gone…all 94 days of it. But Autumn is finally here, and that makes us happy as it means lots of lovely layering, warm woolly jumpers and all in rich sumptuous autumn colours. If you’re anything like us you’re more than ready for the emerald greens, deep reds, mustard yellows and rich purples!

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The downside of autumn is the onset of the cold, dark mornings, we’ve already started hitting the snooze button for  ‘5 more minutes’,  the problem then is that once that extra 5 minutes has turned to 30, there’s little time left to get ready… meaning our outfits can turn out to be pretty random. They definitely include mismatched socks and top’s often end up being picked purely based on which bra is in our hand first as we rush to get ready before we freeze!  But it doesn’t always have to be this way…

Top Tip: *Try setting your outfit out the day before ready to throw on  in the morning, or even plan for the week ahead on the Sunday (checking the weather and your diary for the week ahead). This means you’ll look amazing every day and be instantly warm.

This autumn is all about mixing different trends from the last century together to make a modern masterpiece. Try out some of our chosen favourites:

  • Power Red
  • Glitter boots & glitter clothes
  • 70’s throwback
  • Sofa style florals
  • Mid length skirts
  • 40’s blue
  • Supersized sweaters
  • Formal velvet

So whether you’re wearing a top, dress, tights, cardigan… lets not forget, that it all starts with the bra, after all this is where true comfort really begins!

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Layering, Patterns and getting Dressed in the Dark!