Lottie L'amour- My Role Model Is...

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We are so privilliged to have such a fantastic army of fabulous bloggers who’s beliefs resonate with our own and who are actively supporting our quest to find the next role models. Here is what #BOPO blogger Lottie L’amour had to say when we asked her, ‘Who us your role model?’


My inspiration comes from the fantastically strong women that I have surrounded myself with. From my inspirational Mother to my beautiful Partner Emma to my incredible friends, I found that my life became brighter when I filled it with people that positively affect every aspect of my life.


My world would be incredibly dark without the plus size blogging community. These girls have been my sounding board, my friends, my cheerleaders and my loves. Most of all though, they have inspired me to strive for more, to be better and to be the best version of me that I can possibly be. They’ve been beacons in a dark world of negativity and they inspire me to be a big old lighthouse too!


Before I found blogs by women such as Danielle Vanier, Kathryn Kaupa, Bethany Rutter, Callie Thorpe and Georgina Horne, I didn’t know that it was possible for plus size women to be celebrated. I didn’t know that I was allowed to be happy in my own skin as a size 22. All of a sudden, I had found a world of women who were just like me, who had the same bodies, who all looked STUNNING.


They wore fashionable items that I was certain wasn’t supposed to be for my fat body, but not only that, they wore the hell out of them! Finding such inspirational yet attainable women inspired me to start my own blog, wear clothes I always wanted to wear and most radically of all, love my own skin.


Seeing women who looked like me in underwear with big smiling faces and bodies just like mine gave me so much. I went from being someone who was so deeply rooted in a culture that told me unless I was a size 10 I would get overlooked, to being someone who found the beauty in my own frame. Suddenly, every stretch mark, every cellulite, every roll on my fat fleshy body was beautiful because these girls told me that it was.


If I hadn’t have stumbled across these cherubs, I don’t know where I would be today. Actually, that’s a lie – I know I would be miserable, I would be comparing myself to unrealistic ideals and I would still be that girl who dreamed of being something she felt she could never be. Finding women who were so positive was such a turning point for me, so I make a point to be positive to other women – especially those just like me. At the risk of sounding a bit “Mean Girls”, can you imagine how incredible the world would be if we all lifted each other up rather than pointing out things we’ve been conditioned to believe are flaws?


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Lottie L'amour- My Role Model Is...