Perfect bras for evening wear

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With so many different styles of bra available, whatever your bust size, it can be a bit difficult choosing the right one. As we head off to the UK Lingerie Awards this evening, we’re going to run through the best type of bras for evening wear and party outfits, so you can look your best – and not flash any unwanted straps – when you’re out on the tiles.

The right size

First of all, make sure that you’re wearing the right size. Different brands of bra will often vary slightly in their sizing, so if you decide to depart from your normal brand, double check the sizing differences first. Types of bra – like plunge, balconette, and more – can also feel a lot different, despite being the same size, so ideally, try them on in the shop and ask the assistant to check the fit for you. If you think you might be wearing the incorrect size, then why not take our Bra Fit Challenge? This mini bra size calculator will help you work out whether you need to go up or down a size in order to get the perfect fit.

Your perfect outfit

Once you’ve chosen your gorgeous outfit for a night on the tiles, take a good long look at the straps, sleeves and anything else round the bust area. What fabric is it made of? Is it dark, light, print or plain? Does it have cap sleeves, wide straps, tightly fitting sleeves or is it totally strapless? All of these points need to be taken into consideration when choosing the bra to wear under your dress. Sheer, soft fabrics like chiffon or silk will drape and show up every contour of your bra; on the other hand, structured tailoring needs something supportive yet stylish underneath.

The right bra

We’ve picked out three key bra styles that are great for evening wear – we recommend trying on a couple of different bras in each style to find the right one for your outfit!

Strapless bra

With all the support coming from the underband, strapless bras haven’t always been seen as a curvy-friendly option; but choose the right size and the right fit and any woman can wear a strapless bra. Wear these types of bra with strapless or halterneck dresses, as well as off-the-shoulder tops or any outfit where bra straps can’t be hidden.

Balconette bra

This type of bra tends to have a slightly wider underband and cups that are cut at a more horizontal angle, rather than on the diagonal. The straps might also be set wider apart. These types of bra are perfect for dresses with deep or shaped necklines – like sweetheart or V-neck – as well as dresses with slightly off-the-shoulder sleeves or straps.

Plunge bra

The plunge bra is the ultimate in va-va-voom for your night out! With a very low centre-front, and often with padding to push up your cleavage, this is the perfect bra for V-neck dresses or anything with a low neckline – just be sure to keep those straps hidden!

Perfect bras for evening wear