Rainy Day Ideas

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We love our great British Summer, the sun can be shining one minute and raining the next. We can be a little lost for what to do on those rainy summer days so we have put together some ideas to still have fun with friends or family whilst its raining outside.

Pampering Session

Treat yourself and a friend to a pamper session. Book a spa day or DIY treatments at home with pedicures, manicures, facemasks and scrubs to feel re energised and ready for when the sun reappears!

Bake some treats

Dust off the baking tray and prepare delicious home baked treats. Classic chocolate chip cookies are always a good start, especially if you let them cool very slightly so you can enjoy them whilst they’re still warm. Best served with a nice cup of tea and a duvet or great fun to do with the kids on their school holidays.

Netflix Marathon

Rainy days really just give you full validation to be as lazy as you want; well at least they do in our book. Curling up with a good Netflix marathon is the perfect way to spend a day. We’re hooked on Orange is the New Black, and if you make those yummy goodies to go with..

Online Shopping

No one wants to parade round the shops in the rain, so pull up a chair and search your favourite online shops. We’re all guilty of putting far too much in our shopping baskets, but show restraint. The sales are coming to an end so you will no doubt grab some great sale finds!

What do you guys do during a rainy day? Tell us over a @lovepanache @cleoadores

Rainy Day Ideas