Reclaiming Curves

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Panache Lingerie

We all know that our bodies come in a huge range of different shapes and sizes, and they all change dramatically as we go through life. Especially for women, the pressure to conform to particular norms of body image – whether that’s super skinny or otherwise – can be immense. We’ve all experienced the strange pangs that go with reading a magazine or watching a TV show where repeated images of ‘perfect’ women make us feel like our bodies aren’t quite what they should be.

But here at Panache, we’re fed up of feeling those pangs. It’s our mission to provide women with fantastic bras and underwear that feels comfortable and supportive, so they feel confident and gorgeous in their own bodies, without thinking twice about what they should or shouldn’t look like. All bodies are different, so at Panache we’ve got a number of different ranges that cater for different styles, tastes and sizes, so every woman can look and feel great.

Becoming body positive isn’t always easy. It can feel very difficult when the images we are presented of women are defined by a very narrow set of criteria, and anyone who doesn’t fit into those criteria because they are slimmer, curvier, taller or shorter isn’t thought of as sexy, beautiful or gorgeous.

But we know that – especially online – there are engaged communities of women that are working to change how we perceive beauty, helping more of us to become body positive and embrace how we look. Instead of thinking about your flaws, think about all the great bits of your body – don’t forget, some things that you regard as flaws are more often than not seen as beautiful by other people.

Feeling your best comes from within, but wearing clothes and underwear that make you feel good can help kick-start this feeling. Great underwear can dramatically change your silhouette and emphasis the best bits of your body – so what are you waiting for?

Reclaiming Curves