Rejuvenate your Skin for Spring

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Spring is just around the corner and many of us will be looking ahead to rejuvenate our skincare routines after the long, cold winter has took its toll on our skin. So, with that in mind, I decided to get some advice from my good friend, and Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant & Manager, Claire France.

What are the key steps to a good skincare routine?

There are 4 key steps to a good skincare routine; cleanse, treat, tone and moisturise.

Choose a cleanser to suit whether you like to wash or dry cleanse your face and also to suit the condition of your skin (dryer skin types tend to prefer creamy cleansers, oilier skin types like a wash). Cleanse every night to remove any make up & debris from the day to avoid clogging pores overnight. Cleanse every morning to remove dust and sebum and prepare it for your moisturiser.

Treating your skin with a mask once or twice a week will give you almost immediate results. Masks are designed to give the skin a boost and either deep cleanse, exfoliate or re-hydrate. The best time to use one is in the bath, as the steamy atmosphere and having your feet slightly higher than your head are all added benefits.

Toning will ensure all traces of cleanser or mask are removed from your skin and will also shrink and tighten the pores. Tone twice a day after cleansing, or if using a mask, after the mask.

Moisturising is a vital step for all skin types which will protect our skin inside and out. The skin naturally produces moisture which we need to seal in with a moisturiser to stop it evaporating into the air. We also need to protect our skin with a shield against the environment and free radicals in the air, which cause our skin to age. It is essential you use the right moisturiser to balance your skin type.

At a Temple Spa Class, guests are encouraged to analyse their skin type with an assessment sheet which will create a prescription for the products which suit their skin type.  All of the guests at the class have the chance to experience this 4 step routine, along with another range aimed at solving problem areas.

I only started to look after my skin when I hit 30. Is it ever too late to improve your skin?

No, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your skin. A simple skincare regime everyday along with eating more fruit and vegetables, drinking more water, quitting smoking and getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night can make a big difference in how old you look and help to slow down future signs of ageing appearing too.

Why is it so important to use specialist eye products on our eyes, as opposed to normal moisturisers?

The skin around your eye area is 14 times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, therefore needs a very particular type of formulae especially for this delicate area. A good eye product will be rich in hydrating ingredients, yet incredibly lightweight. Temple Spa’s Windows of the Soul  is great for all skin types and helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles, whilst smoothing fine lines and improving signs of ageing.

What are the most common skincare problems you come across as part of your job?

People with sensitive skin or who suffer with skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis need a skincare brand which is gentle yet effective to improve their conditions. Temple Spa has a range of products for the face and body that are rich in Mediterranean ingredients and boosted by vitamin complexes. The specially designed range for sensitive skin is colour and fragrance free and contains ingredients such as lavender to calm, Vitamin E to soothe and liquorice to heal and soothe irritated skin.

A lot of people are worried about signs of ageing creeping into the skin. Rather than creating a separate “anti-ageing” range, Temple Spa has included anti-ageing ingredients into each and every single product in their ranges, regardless of your skin type. The award winning Truffle Collection  is a suite of supreme anti-ageing skincare which gives both long term anti-ageing results and that instant skin radiance we all crave!

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Rejuvenate your Skin for Spring