Strictly dance fever: The best sports bra for you

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As Strictly sashays back onto our screens, there is a renewed peak in interest for ballroom dancing. As we watch the professionals and the newbies like us strut their stuff week after week, it’s no wonder that it has caused dancing fever. With the holiday season looming it’s the ideal time to learn a new dance or two so that you have somewhere to showcase your skills.

However, if you have been blessed with a larger bust it’s not always as simple as nipping down to the local dance hall when you want to try something new. The right sports bra can be difficult to find; but without one, any form of exercise can be excruciating and can cause serious stretch and damage to your Cooper’s ligaments – the tissue which holds up and shapes your bust. This is something no woman wants as it can lead to saggy, drooping breasts. So here are our top tips on finding the right sports bra for you.

Straps and under-band

You need to be looking for wide, possibly padded straps that will help to evenly spread the pressure across your shoulders, as well as ones that can be adjusted to suit your shape.

The under-band of your sports bra, just like your everyday bra, needs to be firm and flush against the body so that it can anchor the breasts. Looking for bras in microfiber materials means that as you sweat, you won’t get that sticky uncomfortable feeling.


You need to make sure you’re wearing the right cup size, as with any bra, which can be done with our bra fit calculator. Then look for cups which encapsulate the breasts from all sides, providing support and stopping that dreaded bounce. For extra comfort it is worth checking how the underwire is sewn into the cups – some manufacturers wrap the wire in silicone to stop it from digging in and to help keep you comfortable during your exercise regime.

So don’t think that you can’t twirl your way across the dance floor like Kristina Rhianoff; Panache sports range offers unique support and has reduced bounce by 83%. Wearing something like this will mean that in no time you could be rivalling the Strictly dancers yourself!

Strictly dance fever: The best sports bra for you