Summer Sale Survival Guide

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The summer sales have started!

We hit the high streets in search of the best deals and to bag a bargain or five. With our late coming summer the stores will be overflowing with summer collections we have not needed (well in the UK) until now.

Sale shopping can be tiresome so we have put together some top tips to help with your shopping spree:


    1. 1.Comfortable shoes are an absolute must – don’t bother with any type of heel, you want to move around those shops fast to grab that bargain! Wear some worn in flats so you don’t have to think about your feet, you’ll be able to stay out for longer

      1. Write a list of what you need so you don’t impulse buy and end up with shopping bags full of bargains you don’t need


      1. Try before you buy – if you’re not sure about something – try it on! Don’t get caught out by short or non-refundable returns policies


      1. Stay hydrated – ensure you’ve got a good-sized bottle of water in your bag – the shops will be hot and the streets will be super busy with summer having arrived. Make sure you keep drinking water to keep headaches at bay, and stop to treat yourself to lunch with all of the pennies you have saved. A stop off is also good to revise your purchases


      1. Wear a suitable bra – The right size bra will give you the best foundations for trying on potential new sale purchases. A neutral basic such as our Porcelain Elan set is perfect for trying on any colour items.

Happy Shopping! Share your sale shopping experiences with us at @lovepanache

Summer Sale Survival Guide