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This is Erin, our third winner of #Supportwitheverystep, Erin is based in Leeds and she has the help of a personal trainer for the next 12 weeks! Here is Erin’s first guest post right at the beginning of her journey.


Erin’s Before photo.


“November and December are our busiest time where I work. I found myself working long hours and turning to a lot of full fat lattes and takeaways as I was exhausted. When January hit I made one New Years resolution to look after myself. Sounds easy but getting stuck in a rut of lack of sleep, excessive drinking, poor diet decisions, it was definitely easier said then done.


When I won the competition I was ecstatic as it would give me the kick up the backside I needed, and charting my progress for other people to see may have brought out my competitiveness! My biggest challenge is going to be changing my lifestyle, other than walking the dog, I have not exercised for the last 6 months. I am pretty worried I am going to have a “Bridget Jones” moment and collapse off the bike in the middle of the gym. I used to go to the gym and be pretty fit in my early 20’s that however went down the drain when I met a boy and it become less and less frequent until it became non existent. I would love to say when we broke up I lost X amount of weight but to be honest it just looked like I ate him.


My diet has got much worse as I have got older, it consists of a lot of sugar, coffee and processed foods and that is before we even look at my weekly nights out. It’s so easy to fall into these habits but so hard to get out of them. I know these next 12 weeks are going to be a challenge but I really want to achieve a healthier, slimmed down version of myself who can bounce out of bed in a morning instead of reaching for a coffee.”