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Erin is of our #supportwitheverystep winners, Erin’s fitness was at an all time low and she lacked the confidence in herself to get going again. So we enlisted the help of the super fabulous fitness guru and Personal Trainer Cheryl from Pure Gym in Bramley, Leeds.

Here is what Cheryl has planned!

My first few weeks with Erin will be spent familiarising her with the gym equipment and building her confidence and strength. When I feel she is ready we will look at different weight training techniques and start incorporating HIIT training and metabolic circuits to boost her metabolism and burn more fat.

So far we have done a lower body session and an upper body session, both have gone really well and she seems to be enjoying things. She’s also noticing improvements in her cardiovascular endurance, whereby she is able to work for longer with less effort.

I took some baseline measures when we first started, weight, chest, waist, hips, thigh and arm. Also estimated body fat using bioelectrical impedance analysis, and skinfold thickness using skinfold callipers, this measure can also be used to estimate body fat percentage; I will be monitoring these changes at regular intervals.




My top tips for weight training beginners are:


  1. Make fitness a habit. The key to progress and results is consistency and attending the gym 3-4 times week is absolutely essential to success and to build lifelong habits.


  1. Control the lifts. A lot of people rush through their reps and sets. The longer the muscle is under tension, that harder it has to working. I would suggest, rather than thinking “I’ve got to get through these reps” and rushing them, change the mentality to: “I’ve ONLY got 10 reps to make this muscle work as hard as possible”


  1. Do compound lifts. Compound lifts require you to use multiple muscle groups at the same time, allowing you to lift more weight, target more muscles and increase your metabolic rate