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Our USA office has been lucky enough to have Chris Lindley visit and advise on the most beneficial exercises that we can all do from home without any specialist equipment. 


Chris is the co-founder of Qi Functional Training Centers, holding a previous position as the Director for the Prevention Services for the state of Colorado, and spent 8yrs of service as the combat commander for forward public health prevention across Iraq.  His qualifications include Master Spin Instructor, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, MovNat Level 1 Trainer, ACE Certified Personal Trainer.


Here’s what he had to say ….


What’s the #1 exercise you can do from home (no equipment needed)?


If you can only do one exercise each day and your goal is to be as efficient as possible, try the PUSH UP BURPEE! Simply drop to the ground into a push-up plank and do a full push-up (chest to ground and back up to straight arms). Then, jump your feet to your hands, stand up quickly and jump into the air, clapping your hands over your head while your feet are off the ground. Do this full speed for just 60 seconds and you will see why this is the #1 exercise you can do from home.  Work up to three sets a day, performing as many as you can in 60 seconds. That is only a three minute commitment a day to your health!


What are the top three exercises you should try to do each day?

The three exercises you should try to do every day are: walking, air squats, and plank.

  1. Walking is the most fundamental human movement; therefore, it’s the single best thing we can all do every day. Try to walk at a pace so that your breathing rate is increased, but you can still carry on a conversation.
  2. Squatting is one of the most useful, functional movements in fitness.  Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly turned out.  Keep your weight on your heels, chest up, and lower down until your butt is below your knees. Stand up and repeat!
  3. Last but not least, the plank. Everything starts in the core.  The standard plank is a excellent exercise that not only strengthens ALL the muscles of the core, but it also strengthens the muscles of the chest, shoulders and back.  Start with 30 seconds, and work up to a five minute plank.  (New Year’s resolution, anyone?!)


What are your best tips for staying healthy in the New Year?

  1. Limit sugar. Sugar is the new enemy.  Cut out all sugar and you will quickly cut off the fat.
  2. Limit all processed foods. If it comes in plastic packaging or has a extended shelf life, it is likely not a whole, clean food. Rather it is some chemically-infused, genetically modified, low nutritional piece of garbage.  Don’t eat it.
  3. Eat multiple small meals throughout the day.  If you find yourself feeling really hungry, looking to raid the fridge, you have waited too long to eat. Break up your day into many smaller meals rather than binging.
  4. Always eat a healthy meal within two hours of waking up. Never skip breakfast; it’s the most important meal of the day


One more thing! Chris Lindley is doing a pretty cool New Year’s resolution.  He is posting one workout video each day for the entire year – a workout that you can do anywhere, anytime, no equipment needed. They’re unedited so they will show his struggle as well as success.  Follow his year and be inspired to get fit



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Exercise Tips from Chris Lindley