Tran-seasonal Tips

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September is here and we are hoping that we still have a few more sunny days left of our summer before we move into autumn. We picked up some new tips throughout the summer on keeping our skin and bodies healthy, it’s important to maintain these through the autumn and winter months. Here are a few key tips:


A change in seasons can often affect our skin by drying it out and losing its lustre. Keep up your summer ritual of exfoliating and moisturising daily using a lightly scented moisturiser. Continue drinking plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and your brain alert


No-one likes to exercise outside in the cold, so here is the time to make the most of a gym membership or good home routine / video. Keeping up an exercise routine means that your body releases endorphins, which will keep up your energy and also make you happy through the winter months. A hot sauna or bath at the end of a workout on a cold day is the perfect gratification

Healthy Eating

It’s easy to resort to comfort food during the dark evenings however a combination of comfort food and the cold weather adds to tiredness and lack of motivation. Replace that plate full of carbs for healthier alternatives that taste just as good


Keep that summer glow throughout the winter months by treating yourself to a good fake tan. Be careful not to go too O.T.T. – select a lighter shade than your summer tan to ensure you look naturally bronzed and healthy.

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Tran-seasonal Tips