Underwear buying guide for men

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If you have dropped enough hints this year that you would love some gorgeous new underwear from your man this Christmas then for him this guide is a must-have: everything he needs to know to buy you the perfect pair of pants and beautiful bra.

1 – Consider how she dresses

It’s all well and good going for the naughty peek-a-boo bra and tiny thong, but be realistic guys; how often is she likely to wear those? How about instead considering the clothes she wears; if she is a jeans, t-shirt and trainers girl then how about a beautiful simple embellished white set. Perfect for under t shirts, and so much prettier than her average t-shirt bra. If she loves vintage, then go for the pastel shades, lace and intricate details. Remember, to a girl, her underwear is part of her outfit, not simply something she throws on of a morning.

2 – Make sure you get the right size

Now I know you chaps think this is rocket science, really we promise it isn’t. Firstly don’t guess! It’s not worth it, there is no leeway with underwear; it either fits or it doesn’t. So raid her underwear drawer, when she isn’t there of course. This is also a good way to determine what styles she likes – for example, a balconette is very different to a plunge. If in doubt take a picture of them and then, when shopping, you have something to refer to.

3 – Treat her

Remember the idea of this isn’t to buy her a new sports bra, unless she asked for one! The idea is to indulge her in something sensual that she maybe wouldn’t buy herself. So think lace, silk and beautiful details, and always buy the set. If you aren’t sure which bottoms to get, thong, tanga, boy-short, high leg brief, French knickers, then get 2; one skimpy and one full. That way she is bound to wear at least one if not both.

4 – Finally…buy for her, not for you

Yes we know that skimpy barely-there underwear sets are your idea of heaven, but remember that it’s a gift for her. Think about that when buying and your gift will be a sure-fire hit.

There you go girls, waft this under his nose and you will be sure to receive something suitably gorgeous on Christmas morning.

Underwear buying guide for men