Wardrobe sort-out: Refresh your Essentials

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With lockdown in place, many of us have all of a sudden found ourselves with a lot of free time. Keeping yourself occupied at this time can be tough, but we’ve discovered a new found love for sort-outs. Oddly enough, sorting through cupboards, drawers, spare rooms and sheds (even under our beds) are proving to give a great feeling of accomplishment in lockdown. After all, a tidy room means a tidy mind!

After tackling our underwear drawers, we realised there were lots of bras and briefs (even socks!) we’d been holding onto for perhaps a little too long. We recommend having an underwear drawer sort-out the next time you find yourself a little bored. The satisfaction of a tidy drawer is a great feeling, and it helps you see which essentials your collection might be missing!

Here’s a few of our top underwear drawer sort-our tips:

1.Stop folding your bras!

Many people store their bras by folding them in half. This can actually misshape the bra over time, compromising the fit and the way it’s meant to mould over your shape. It’s important to give them space in your lingerie drawer – lay them to rest stood flat against each other to retain shape.

2.Know when it’s time to let go

We all have that favourite bra that’s had our back for about 6 years – it may have gone bobbly and we have to twist its straps back into place every time we wash it, but it’s in one piece, right? Wrong. It’s time to move on. Old bras may look like they’re in one piece on the outside, but on the inside they’re exhausted and worn out. We’d say if your bra is over a year old then it’s time for a refresh, as after that time frame, their support breaks down, elastic loosens and the back gives way.

3.Make sure your essentials are in check

There are so many stunning lingerie sets in our collections that are sure to grab your eye. Make sure you have all your solution pieces before you get wandering eyes! We all need reliable T-Shirt, plunge, strapless, balconette and full cup staple pieces in versatile shades in our underwear drawer. It’s important that your lingerie collection can handle whatever outfit you want to wear!

Here’s some of our recommended essential styles:

Envy – This full cup style is a bestseller. Known for its incredible comfort, lifted shape and all-day support.

Koko Plunge Strapless – The strapless bra that gives amazing cleavage, this bra is the perfect solution piece for your plunging strapless outfits.

Olivia – Your new every day set, Olivia is super soft against the skin and gives a beautiful balconette shape.

Dana – The ultimate fuller figured strapless bra. This amazing style lifts and supports without straps – say hello to all year round outfit solutions!

Roxie – This incredibly flattering Sculptresse style gives you a great cleavage and has J-Hooks to convert the straps to a racerback style.

Andorra Non Wired – Every underwear drawer needs a wireless bra. For when you’re lounging, sleeping or even just feel like ditching the wires on a normal day. Our Andorra Non Wired gives amazing lift and support without wires up to a J cup!

Harper – Your go-to T-Shirt bra, with soft fabric and moulded padded cups for every day comfort.

Jasmine – For the days when you want a little extra lift. Jasmine is known for its incredible uplift and rounded shape!

Chi Chi – Very similar to Jasmine but crafted with the fuller figured in mind, this super uplifting balconette bra goes up to 46 bands.

Ana – The non padded plunge bra of dreams. Every lingerie drawer needs Ana, it gives you a flattering cleavage and comfortable relaxed support.

Asher – If you prefer unpadded styles, try Asher for reliable support and a great rounded shape.


We hope everyone is staying home and healthy during lockdown, and we hope that this idea helps cure a little boredom! To check out our full essentials collection, click here. Happy organising!

Wardrobe sort-out: Refresh your Essentials