Wedding Outfit Planning – From Underwear to Accessories

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Weddings are often the biggest events of the summer season, with photographs being taken left, right and centre – even if you’re not the bride, you’ll definitely want to look your best. Planning in advance will mean that you can avoid any wardrobe malfunctions and dazzle the other guests with your style savvy.

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First things first – the dress! Do you want to go with a bold, colourful pattern or for something more minimal and classic? Weddings are unlike other events, and are often an excuse to wear the colourful, more formal dresses that are otherwise resigned to the wardrobe – so push the boat out! Take current trends into account – monochrome, for example, is popular on the catwalks this year – but don’t let this lead you in the wrong direction; a dress which suits you will always look better than an ultra-fashionable dress which doesn’t. Consider which colours and shapes suit you before you go shopping, and take along an honest friend so that you can be sure you’re looking your best on the big day.

Underwear is essential for any outfit, but particularly the formalwear traditionally worn to weddings. Well-fitting underwear will create a great base so that your dress fits in a flattering way. Make sure that your chosen underwear is comfortable by taking it on a test drive before the event – weddings are often long, and uncomfortable underwear will make you miserable when you should be celebrating! Match your underwear colour to your dress as closely as possible so that it doesn’t show through under flash photography, and remember that a nude bra like the Idina sits best under light colour clothing.

Accessories are your chance to shine – whether you prefer subtle, minimalist pieces or bold, colourful jewellery and shoes, it’s a great way to show a little personality. Don’t go too matchy-matchy but restrict yourself to a few colours so your overall look isn’t too loud. Other than that – anything goes! Take into account the kind of wedding you’re attending – wedges might be better than stilettos if there will be a lot of time spent standing on grass, and you might want to throw on a warmer cover-up if the ceremony takes place in a church.

If you’re lucky enough be attending more than one nuptial celebration this season, you can save some pennies by alternating either your dress or accessories – not both. If your accessories are simple, try switching up your look with different patterned dresses; there are so many options on the High Street that you can definitely snag a few bargains. Alternatively, if you have a classic dress, mix it up with different coloured accessories and no one will ever know!

Wedding Outfit Planning – From Underwear to Accessories