What is a Bandless bra?

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When bra shopping, you may have heard of the term bandless bra before. If you’re unsure what a bandless bra is, read on to learn a little more about the different types of bras out there – it might be something you didn’t know you needed!

(Above: Cleo by Panache Everly Plunge)

Many bras are banded, this means that they have a band of fabric underneath the cups and the centre front of the bra, that join to the back and the wings. Different banded bras can have different band lengths depending on the style. A bandless bra is a bra that has no additional fabric underneath the cups. Check out this bandless bra and banded bra to see the difference:

                                                                                                                                    (left: Panache Porcelain Elan T-Shirt Bra)                                                                                   (Right: Panache Ana Plunge Bra)

If you’re not sure which type of bra is for you, it’s all about what you feel most comfortable in that’s the most important, and there are different benefits to both styles. Some ladies might find that they actually own a variety of both styles, without even realising it!

An advantage of banded bras is the way the band helps to ‘anchor’ the bra to the body, which can be important especially if you have a bigger bust. Some ladies feel more comfortable and more secure in banded styles for this reason.

If you’re an ‘Apple’ shape, or you have a shorter body type, you may find that some bras dig into your stomach (especially when you sit down!). If you struggle with this, you may want to try a bandless bra next time you go lingerie shopping. Bandless bras are great for these body types as they give you more room underneath.

Our bandless bras are still very supportive, even without the band! Crafted for D+ ladies in mind, you can shop our bandless bras here.

What is a Bandless bra?