What to look for in a sports bra

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Having a great sports bra that offers support during your workouts is so important. It affects your performance, mood and even how you look. Shopping for sports bras can be confusing, whether you’re looking for high impact or low impact, a sports bra for running or for yoga, and if you’re looking for a sports bra for large bust or not. We’ve put together a list of the six most important things you should look for in a sports bra, so you can find the best sports bra for you, whatever you need it for!

1.Moisture wicking fabric

Look for a sports bra with moisture wicking fabric that dries quickly. When you’re sweating it out in the gym or on a run, you want a sports bra that keeps you feeling as dry as possible. It’s super important that your sports bra can handle sweat, and maintains its colour through perspiration.

 All Panache Sports bras have moisture wicking fabric.


You might have heard of a compression sports bra and an encapsulation sports bra. But what’s the difference, and what’s best for you? Compression sports bras are designed to compress and push the breasts against the chest, holding them in place. Encapsulation sports bras separate each breast with their defined cup structure. This also gives a more defined shape, rather than a ‘monoboob’ look. Encapsulation supports each breast individually, meaning this style is the best sports bra for big busts. All of our Panache Sports bras are encapsulating, so you can get maximum support and a flattering defined shape.

Panache Sports bras feature encapsulating cups that offer incredible support.


Ever been in a battle to get your sweaty, sticky sports bra off from over your head after a workout? Say goodbye to post workout stress and look for a sports bra that unhooks and the back, like a regular bra. A hook & eye fastening is also great for allowing you to have adjustability in the way your sports bra fits. Lost a little weight? Tighten the hooks! Its also important to look for a sports bra that has adjustable straps, so you can get the perfect fit for your body shape.

Panache Sports bras feature a hook & eye fastening and adjustable shoulder straps.


Look for a sports bra that is comfortable. Your sports bra should be so amazing that you can forget about any bounce or bust pain, and smash your workout with great results. Look for soft fabrics and cushioned features. In particular, cushioned shoulder straps and cushioned hook & eye fastenings are super important as this is where you may feel the most pressure or irritation. Another thing to look out for is the inside of the sports bra. Are there seams inside the cups? If so, this can cause irritation and chafing in a place where no woman wants! Make sure you look for a sports bra that has seamless inner cups, for a smooth and comfortable feel against your skin.   

Panache Sports bras have seamless inner cups to prevent chafing, with cushioned hook & eye fastening and cushioned shoulder straps for ultimate comfort.  

6.An extensive size range

And finally, look for a sports bra with an extensive size range. There is no point in a sports bra with 101 great things about it, if it doesn’t fit you. Look for a cup sized sports bra, these offer a perfect fit for your natural bust shape and mean that you don’t have to conform to ‘small, medium and large’ sizes. Whether you have a small bust or a big bust, its important to invest in a sports bra that fits you correctly, so it can support you and keep you comfortable no matter what activity you’re up to.

Panache Sport offers 70 unique sizes, so you don’t have to compromise when it comes to finding the perfect fitting sports bra.

If you’re feeling inspired and you’re in need of a supportive, reliable sports bra, take a browse of our Panache Sport collection.  We have a range of versatile shades and fun fashion colours in both wired and non-wired styles. Each and every sports bra is designed with all these amazing qualities, there’s something for everyone’s workout wardrobe!

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What to look for in a sports bra