What's In Your Sports Bag- Amy Hughes

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Amy Hughes from our Modelled by Role Models 2015 campaign  gives a 30 second interview about what’s in the sports bag of a super sporty marathon runner!

My sports bag is a bit of a “Mary Poppins” bag it literally has everything but the kitchen sink in there. I always have a spare Panache sports bra in there as sometimes I do back to back sessions with clients or do a run into a workout so its always good to have a spare one to change into. I always have a whole variety of socks in there including smelly ones and clean ones, my Brooks ghost trainers (my trusty favourites) theres always an array of face wipes, mascara and lipstick, I’m not one for lots of makeup especially with all the training I do but putting lipstick and mascara on always makes me feel slightly more human after the gym. I also always have a spare pair of leggings and sports top in there. Theres usually always random things in there too from pens and keys to jewellery.

My favourite song to get me geared up is probably the cha, cha slide…very sad I know!

My favourite pre meal snack is a paleo bar of some kind and my favourite post workout snack is a smoothie protein shake.



I love fashion especially vintage fashion so I love mooching round the northern quarter on my days off. I also like going to healthy cafes in town with friends. I’m one that can’t sit still too so even when I’m not training I love to be active which could be anything from ice skating to walking.


What's In Your Sports Bag- Amy Hughes