You should wear a Sports Bra (no matter your size)

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Ever wondered if you actually need that sports bra and if you can get away with your old t-shirt bra instead? Read on to discover why it could be one of the worst decisions you ever make!

  1. The clue is in the name

Here at Panache, we pride ourselves on the amazing support all of our brands have to offer. Even though our lingerie is great at supporting your bust, everyday bras are not designed to handle the impact of sports and/or fitness. You need to wear the appropriate bra for the right activity – your t-shirt bra might support you whilst sat at your desk all day or doing the shopping, but it won’t make the cut in that spinning class. Our (wired) sports bras can reduce bounce by up to 83%!

  1. Long term damage

The connective tissue in your breasts is called the ‘cooper’s ligament’, which helps keep your breasts lifted, shaped and supported. When you don’t wear a sports bra designed to keep your breasts in place (hence up to 83% less bounce), you risk damaging your Cooper’s Ligaments. This can cause your breasts to ‘sag’ which can often be irreversible damage.If you’re bigger busted, you may find you often struggle with back and shoulder pain. This can become long term if you continue to wear the wrong bra whilst exercising. Our sports bras are designed to disperse pressure from your shoulders – from cushioned straps to racer-back adjustment.

But don’t forget, no matter what your size (B cup or J cup), you’re still at risk of damaging your Cooper’s Ligaments!

  1. Fabric

That old t-shirt bra you found that you think can pass as a gym-bra is not made of moisture-wicking fabric. That means that it can withstand a little regular daily body heat/sweat, but not a whole gym class worth. Our sports bras are made from breathable outer performance fabrics so that your skin can breathe, meaning it can handle lots of heat and sweat without getting ruined or changing colour.

  1. Improve your performance

It can be tough to reach your goals when all you feel is uncomfortable because you’re not wearing a supportive sports bra. When you reduce the bounce, you stop the pain and get the chance to concentrate on what matters the most. You are capable of achieving so much!

Panache Sport Wired in Grey Marl by Panache Lingerie


  1. You wouldn’t go to the gym without leggings on

You wouldn’t go to the gym without any leggings on, so why would you go without a sports bra? They are just as important! A sports bra is a vital part of your gym kit, you owe it to your breasts to keep them supported and looked after while you reach your fitness goals. Our Panache Sport collection offers over 60 different sports bra sizes, so you can find your perfect fitting sports bra that does the job it was made to! It’s time to stop compromising.

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You should wear a Sports Bra (no matter your size)