Your Pre-Holiday Check List

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We’re not sure about you guys but two weeks before summer holidays tend to be filled with errands and excitement. The thought of lying on the beach or somewhere warm soaking up the sun and the salty breeze is absolute bliss. But before you can totally enjoy your holidays make sure that you have your checklist checked!

First things first, don’t forget to pack the essentials. We have a full proof checklist that are a must have (and often forgotten) so you can relax at the airport.

Travel Packing Essentials

An eye mask

For the plane journey

Travel Pillow

For the plane and any long drives you may be planning when you are at your destination

Painkillers and Indigestion aids

Because getting sick whilst on holiday is not an option


To start your day right

Travel plug

There’s nothing worse than not being able to charge your camera on holiday

Travel guides and maps of your holiday destination

Why pay for extra roaming data on your phone when you have all the information in your trusty notebook?


Always needed but usually an afterthought until you are on the way to the airport


Only pack the essentials, it is so easy to over pack beauty products. The smaller your make up and toiletries bag is the more room you have to pack all those wonderful shopping finds to bring back with you.


Travel Beauty Check List


Buy separate sunscreens for the face and body, this should always be at the top of your list

Hair products

Depending on your hair you may need more help to keep your hair healthy under the sun and from seawater so be sure to pack hair oil and hair screen with you

After sun lotion

So you don’t look like a lobster the day after soaking the suns rays

Miniature bottles of all your favourite shower products

Found at all good pharmacy stores


Now that you have packed all your favourite products and essentials, we suggest that you plan out your outfits to avoid any outfit dramas during your holiday – including footwear!


Now that you are all packed up, do make sure that you have done all your buffing and prepping.


Book your waxes 4 days before so that your skin has time to recover before your holiday.


Exfoliate the skin the night before you travel so that you are left with smooth skin (it also allows you to catch the sun better).


Lastly you also want to make sure that you go home to a clean and tidy abode – tidy your home before you leave


And relax!


Your Pre-Holiday Check List