How to care for your Swimwear

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With holiday season upon us, we thought we’d give you some tips and tricks on how to properly care for your swimwear. You can lengthen the lifespan and performance of your swimwear by making a few little changes to how you care for it – its super easy and you’ll thank us later!

Hand wash only

We’ll start off with something that comes natural to all of us – washing our clothing in the washing machine. If you want your swimwear to have a long life span and keep you supported when worn, please only hand wash it. This is because machine washing (even if on a ‘delicate’ cycle) will have a really harsh impact on your swimwear. Panache Swim is crafted with the components of a proper bra underneath, and when put in a washing machine, these components break down and become damaged. Many of our swimwear styles include wires too, which can become warped in a washing machine. When the components are weakened, they can’t give you the support they should be giving and you won’t be getting the full benefit of your supportive swimwear anymore. Not only this, but any harsh detergent used will likely cause the colours to fade.

Luckily, its super easy to hand wash your swimwear! Make sure you don’t leave it soaking overnight, as this could loosen the fibres. All you need is some mild detergent and some cool water. Soak the swimwear for around 30 minutes and voila! Fresh, clean and un-damaged swimwear.

Dry with care

In the world of swimwear and lingerie, tumble drying is sacrilege. Now we know that not everyone has time to read labels, so here’s a second chance from us to confess your sins and live a new life of proper swimwear care.

Tumble drying can and will break down the components of your swimwear, melt down any elastics and fade the pretty colouring you first fell in love with. Air drying your swimwear is the safest way to ensure that it stays intact – you can roll or press it gently in a towel first to soak up any excess water. Just ensure that you don’t wring it out, as this will damage the spandex fibres and warp any wires. To finish, lay it flat to dry out of direct sunlight (to protect the colour from fading) rather than hanging by the straps, as this could stretch the fabric.


Always rinse!

Even if you’ve only been for a quick dip in the pool and have been wearing your bikini for an hour – it still needs a rinse after! Leaving your swimwear to dry without rinsing either chlorine or salt water out will fade the colours dramatically. It can also form pockets or chlorine amongst the swimwear, and when it’s dried create patches of faded colouring – not cute!

Sit on a towel

Just one more little tip – be mindful of where you’re sitting. Avoid any snagging of your beautiful swimwear by sitting on a towel instead of rough surfaces!

Now that you know the ins and outs of cherishing your swimwear, take a look at our supportive swimwear collection here and get ready to brave the waves!

How to care for your Swimwear