How To Make Your Strapless Bra Fit Better

Many women struggle to find a strapless bra that actually fits comfortably, we know it can be challenging, especially when you have a larger bust.  If you’ve ever faced issues like your strapless bra falling down or not being supportive enough, then we’ve got some tips to give you the most comfortable strapless bra experience.


Find a Bra That Actually Fits You!

It’s so important to find the best fit for your unique body! The best way to do this is to get measured and get measured often. As your body changes or weight fluctuates, your bra size can change too, so getting measured at least once a year is recommended.

 Now that lockdown restrictions have lifted, most places have opened back up for in-person fittings (finally!). Even if your local bra fitter is not open, they may be doing virtual fittings that guide you through measuring yourself, making it easy for you to discover your size!

By ensuring you’re wearing the perfect size, your strapless bra will not only fit better, but appear more discreetly under clothing too, as there will be no visible cup edges, making for a more comfortable fit and a better overall look, the best of both worlds!

Throughout our Panache, Cleo and Sculptresse brands, we have a range of strapless bras extending from a D to J cup and from 28 band to 48 band so your almost certain to find the right fit for you!

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Make Sure Your Band Size Is Tight Enough

The underband of a bra provides 80% of the overall support, so it’s crucial to get this to fit right! If it is too loose, this support will be lost and your strapless bra is likely to fall, and no one wants that!

A great way to test if you are wearing the right band size is by placing your bra on and raising your hands in the air, if you notice any gapping at the bottom of the band and your chest, your underband is likely too loose!

Our Dana strapless bra has a wide underband to distribute pressure, making for a more comfortable fit. All of our strapless bras also feature silicone elastic on the top and bottom of the underband to provide even more security!

Take Care of Your Bra

Repetitive machine washing of your bras can damage their quality. You’ve spent money on a great quality bra, so make sure to keep it that way by taking the right care to look after it!

The more you wash your bra, the more stress is put on the fabric which often causes cups to lose their shape. It is important to wash your bras to get rid of any dead skin, oils or sweat that may have built up throughout the day, however, there are methods you can use to ensure this washing causes minimal damage.

We recommend hand washing your bras to maintain the integrity of the wires and fabric for longer and gently pressing the bras with a towel rather than using a tumble dryer.

For more advice on how to take care of your bras, have a read of our Bra Care blog

Don’t Forget to Scoop and Swoop!

The scoop and swoop method ensures that the whole breast is comfortably in the bra cup, without doing this you may feel that your bra doesn’t fit properly.

Start by putting the bra on and leaning forward by bending at the waist, then with one hand scoop the breast up using a back and forth motion so that all the breast tissue is within the cup. Once the breast tissue is pulled up, ensure there is no space in the bottom or top of the cups. Straighten back up and your bra should feel as if it fits much better. Repeat on the other side and you’re done!

By using these tips, you can enhance your strapless bra wearing experience, no more bras falling down for you!

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How To Make Your Strapless Bra Fit Better