A spotlight on 'hourglass shape'

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Less than 10% of women have an hourglass figure, and yet it is the most envied and sought after body shape – with many tutorials showing you how you can dress to give the illusion of the feminine, hourglass shape. However, although they may have the ‘dream’ figure, hourglass women may find it frustrating and difficult to find clothes which flatter them, as so much of the high street and high fashion is tailored to less curvy shapes.

You have an ‘hourglass’ shape if you have a curvy bust and hips, and a defined, slimmer waist. Classic styles will suit you best, emphasising your enviable curves, but if you want to add a fashion twist, it’s best to do this using colour, fabric and accessories. Keep your clothing simple and avoid ruffles, bows and other frills which can add bulk where it’s unwanted. Fitted pieces will help you flaunt your best bits, but make sure they’re not too tight; if you don’t want your clothes to pull at you, consider sizing up – it’s what it looks like on rather than the number on the label that counts after all!

An A-Line skirt with a fitted top will mirror your fabulous shape, but pencil skirts are the most flattering for you; team with a simple shirt tucked in for sophisticated style. Ideal tops for your shape are scooped or V-necked as this will accentuate your bust. Wrap tops and dresses are a classic cut which flatter any woman but look particularly good on hourglass women as the tie highlights your slender waistline and skims over your curves. For a more casual look, opt for a boot cut jean in darker denim to balance your curves.

Make like Marilyn Monroe and emphasise your beautiful figure, and you’ll never be stuck for what to wear again!

A spotlight on 'hourglass shape'