Bra problems: awkward underbands!

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Here at Panache, we’re always looking for ways to make working out your bra size, and finding the perfect fit for your bra, even easier. That’s why we’ve devised our Bra Fit Challenge, where answering a series of simple questions will help you determine if you’re wearing a bra that’s the wrong size.

But there are lots of individual problems that can happen with a bra – after all, they’re complex pieces of clothing! In this series we’ll be addressing the individual parts of a bra and the problems that you might find occurring with them.

First of all, we’re going to look at the underband of the bra, which is the part that sits under your bust and is fastened at the back. Not too complicated so far! However, the underband is one of the most integral parts of your bra: without the support that comes from the underband, you’ll find that there is a lot of strain placed on the straps of the bra, and therefore your shoulders.


how do i measure my bra size

If your underband rides up, it's too loose!

The underband of your bra is represented in your bra measurement by the numbers (e.g. 36) and the difference between your underband measurement and measurement at the fullest part of your bust gives you the cup size. There are a number of problems that you might find occur with your underband, and if you do suffer from any of these, we recommend getting professionally fitted for a new bra as it’s likely you’re wearing the wrong size.

If you can stretch your underband out, or find that it is riding up your back, your underband is likely to be too large. You might find that you have to significantly decrease the length of your straps in order to keep the underband in place – if this is the case, it’s definitely too large.


how do i measure my bra size

If your underband digs in, it's probably too tight!

On the other hand, if the underband is very tight, with the fastening straining and the band leaving marks on your skin, then the underband is far too tight. This can cause discomfort and will not adequately support the weight of your bust.

If you think you might have any of these particular problems with your bra, why not double check you’re wearing the correctly fitting bra with our Bra Fit Challenge?

Bra problems: awkward underbands!