Bra Styles Explained

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Many of your favourite types of bras are probably pretty self explanatory – strapless, push up, underwired and padded come to mind – but others certainly require a bit more explanation. You might be quite happy in choosing one that, quite simply, looks lovely, but knowing what each style can do for you will make the shopping process far easier and fun at that.

Read our explanations and be bra-savvy:

Full Cup

This bra covers the entire breast and is generally for support. The style is especially favourable with ladies boasting larger cup sizes because the fullness of the breast is maintained and the back is fully supported. This may all sound the opposite of sexy, but full cup bras come in a variety of sumptuous styles these days.

Half Cup

The half cup bra covers three-quarters of the breasts, despite the name. This is a very popular style because it offers support, whilst still being feminine. On top of that, a bra in this shape is ideal for low-cut tops and dresses.

Drop Cup

These bras exist for new mothers. They’re generally known as nursing bras with an easy to use clip at the top of each cup so they can be individually dropped down as and when the little one needs to be breastfed in a discreet way. Pretty fantastic, right? They can also look lovely these days in a variety of textures and colours.


The balconette bra is very similar to the half cup style, but it covers just over half of the breasts. This provides a certain look of luxuriousness, which is also aided by the curve on the middle of the bra.


A plunge bra is for you if you want to show off your cleavage. There are varying degrees of plunge types from subtle to deep, so you can decide on just how much you want to display. This is one of the most sumptuous styles on the market.


The triangle bra is naturally comprised of two triangle shapes for the breasts. There isn’t a chest strap in the middle either, so it’s an intriguing look to offer something new. This style is often wireless so it’s great for a natural look, and you’d do well in choosing a lace finish.


Are you interested in trying a style you haven’t worn before?

Bra Styles Explained