Bras for summer

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Summer has finally arrived; and with it, some good weather. We all know just how fleeting it can be in the UK so while it lasts, pull out your summer wardrobe and get strutting your stuff. But when it comes to those beautiful strapless or halter neck summer clothes, what are you supposed to put underneath?

One of the big lingerie fashions this year is actually showing off your straps or the patterns of your favourite pieces through sheer clothing, so if you feel more comfortable in a moulded or plunge bra you can certainly find ones with prettier straps.

However if you’re more old-school and don’t like the silhouette or tan lines that wearing a traditional bra makes when wearing a strapless dress or a halter top then strapless bras are the way forward. Don’t worry if you’re blessed in the chest department, as here at Panache we’ve got you covered and offer these in sizes D-H.

But these aren’t your only option. In the same way you can buy a bandeau bikini you can buy a bandeau bra, complete with the dainty straps that are less imposing on your outfit and are less likely to cause those offensive tan lines.

Whatever you’re planning for the summer, whether it’s jetting off into the sun or pottering in the garden whilst you catch some rays, be sure to have the support you need and the freedom to wear whatever takes your fancy. Surely you wouldn’t want to limit your wardrobe just because of your underwear?

Bras for summer