Caring for Your Underwear – Washing Tips

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Washing your underwear properly will not only extend their life and save you pennies, they will also keep your undies looking at their best for longer – no more pulled lace, wonky underwires and tired looking straps! Whilst these methods may take a little longer than just bunging them in the washing machine with all and sundry, a little bit of extra effort (and it really is only a little bit, we promise!) will pay off in the long run, and keep you feeling fabulous!


If you’re obsessed with lingerie like us, you’ll know that hand-washing really is the best way to keep your bras clean. Whilst you can pop them in to the washing machine, hand-washing will prolong their life and save the delicate lace from looking ratty. Using a detergent designed for your delicates diluted in warm (not hot!) water, swirl your bras around in the water to loosen any dirt, paying particular attention to the straps and underwire. Empty the soapy water and rinse your bras in cool water. Squeeze out any excess water (don’t wring or twist) and then lie flat on a clean towel to dry.

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Machine Washing

If you’re pushed for time, you can use the washing machine to clean your bras, but a little bit of extra caution should be used. Heat can damage the elastic of your bras, and if they get caught on your other clothes the underwire can get twisted, making the bras very uncomfortable for you to wear. Use a lingerie bag to protect your underwear, and wash with clothing of similar colours and weights – think light cotton t-shirts rather than heavy jeans or jackets. Put your washing machine on a cool setting and use a mild detergent. Once the cycle is done, remove your bras and reshape whilst damp. Avoid the tumble-dryer and air dry your bras by laying them flat on a clean towel.

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Caring for Your Underwear – Washing Tips