Festival fashion - what you should take with you

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So its official: festival season has begun and the first of the big ones is Radio One’s Big Weekend in Derry – with Olly Murrs and Two Door Cinema Club already signed up to perform, it’s bound to be a great weekend. However there is much more to festivals than the music, it’s a chance to show off your fashion prowess, so here are some great tips to succeeding in the mission for truly festival-forward fashion.

Firstly, and most importantly, take simple items that make up numerous outfits. There is no point taking your favourite leather leggings if they only go with one evening top that you aren’t taking with you! So no matter how ‘cool’ things are, think about the fact you will be in them for 12 hours, come rain or shine. With this is mind here are the top 6 things to take.

  • Great jeans there is no better garment to chop and change with than the wardrobe staple of jeans. They can be any wash you like, any fit you love, they will see you through the whole weekend.
  • Black vests as lovely as light and bright clothes are, the chances of you dropping something down yourself whilst eating food on the go, or having a drink spilled on you whilst you dance the night away is really rather high. With that in mind, take clothes that are great at masking stains. Black, navy blue and dark green are great for this.
  • Wellies now this might seem obvious, but they are super-duper important. Even on the sunniest weekend, 15,000 people will turn even the driest field into a mud bath within hours. This is a good opportunity to go a little bonkers with pattern and colour – don’t shy away from those neon animal print ones!
  • Underwear, lots of it remember that there is almost no chance of there being anywhere to wash your underwear, so take more than you think you will need. A great tip is also to take a multi-way bra; it means you can wear your racer-back, spaghetti-strap or vest top without having to take 3 different bras.
  • Swimwear and Sunglasses Even if you are heading to a festival in the UK, you should travel in the hope that that it will be nice weather. A great bikini teamed with cute denim shorts or a mini skirt means that you get to soak up the rays and look fashionable at the same time.
  • Waterproof as well as being positive that the sun will shine, be realistic that the rain may fall! Take a foldaway pack-a-mac that you can throw into your across-the-body bag, you can never be too prepared.

Most of all, remember to have fun and dance until dawn!

Festival fashion - what you should take with you