Good Fit Vs Bad Fit: Too Tight

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It’s time for our second bra fitting tip in our quest for women everywhere to be clued up on what to look out for when bra shopping.

Today in our good fit Vs bad fit series, this time we are saying no to tight bras.

It’s a complete misconception that if you have bigger breasts your bra has to be super duper tight to give you the support that you want and need, overall, you need a good quality bra!

80% of support comes fromt he band so your bra should be firm enough to give you support (stay in one place), but not cut off your circulation. Not only is a tight band uncomfortable and can leave you with red marks, it can also be seen through your clothes. Your bra should aim for smooth lines, the only lumps and bumps on you should be the ones that are a part of you and fall naturally.


PANACHE_Bra Fit Issues Tight bra


If you are unsure if your bra is too tight or not, we always advise you go to a Panache stockist who can measure you properly. A well fitting bra can help you with your posture, confidence and every day comfort. If you have never been professionally measured before you may be in for a surprise when you find out your correct size!

The Panache Evie strapless bra is a popular option that can give you fantastic support up to a H cup (Evie also comes with detachable straps).

Want to try something a little bit different? How about the Breeze longline bra from Cleo?


Good Fit Vs Bad Fit: Too Tight