How an Ill Fitting Bra can Damage your Health

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At Panache, we believe that your underwear must be aesthetically beautiful, but fit and comfort is the reason we started our company. Great fitting bras can change not only your posture but boost your confidence.

Hormones and weight fluctuations can stretch the skin, structure and supportive ligaments around your breasts, which can change the size, shape and appearance of your breasts. Did you know that headaches and back pain are associated with ill fitting bras? Read on….



If a bra is loose and unsupportive, your first thought is to tighten the shoulder straps. The most common misconception about bras is that the straps are there to hold up our breasts, however, they are often the most unimportant aspect of the bra. Nearly all the support a bra offers should come from the band that runs around the rib cage and the bra cups – the straps are just there to hold everything together. Tight straps can place enormous pressure on the shoulders and even cause pressure on the nerves.



Underwires that dig into your skin or chafe can causing discomfort and bruising. You wouldn’t put up with this pain from ill fitting shoes would you? So why do you from your bra?

A bra underwire should sit firmly on the ribcage at the front and sides to cup the breast tissue. Never wear a bra that has underwire exposed as this can cut into your skin and means the bra is misshaped.



Choosing the right shaped bra will help with gravity and the damage this can cause. This is dependent on your body shape as  your shape defines which bra you should wear.

If you have broad shoulders and a gap between your breasts, we advise that you try a balconnet bra – a balconnet bra lifts the breasts upwards from underneath offering the best support.

If you have narrow shoulders and heavy breasts you will benefit from the firm support of bras with 3 or 4 section cups made from two or more fabrics seamed together.

Padded bras are great for offering women with small breasts a little lift and a more defined shape.

We pride ourselves in working with bra specialists and fit experts, so if you are ever in doubt about which bra you should be wearing, ask one of our trained bra specialists at any Panache consignment store – click here for our store finder:, or ask our in house expert Clare Robertson your bra related questions at:


How an Ill Fitting Bra can Damage your Health