How to Save Your Bra from an Untimely Death

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A good bra is the basis of any woman’s wardrobe but, although we know the benefits of a well-fitted bra for our comfort, health and appearance, we don’t always treat those bras with the respect and care that they deserve for doing such a stellar job. Caring properly for your bras, however, can prolong their life and keep you supported for longer.

bra fit challenge bra size calculatorThe quality of the manufacturing, the rate of wear and tear and your laundry habits will all affect the lifespan of your bra. First thing’s first; investing in a quality bra which fits properly is an absolute must. Not only will it put a spring in your step when you’re looking your best and comfortable in your clothes, a quality bra will also last longer. Even if the expense is a little greater at the beginning, the cost will balance out if you don’t have to replace your bras as often.

The average bra lasts for around 6 months of wear, or 180 wears, depending on how often you pluck it out of your wardrobe for duty. It’s best not to wear your bras continuously, as the heat from your body will slacken the elastic and lessen the support. Give your bra at least 24 hours between wears to lengthen its life. It’s also best to avoid washing your bra every time you wear it – unless absolutely necessary; washing your bra after every other wear is sufficiently hygienic and will prolong the life of your bra.

How you wash your bra is as important as how often; we’ve written before about the best ways to wash your bra to keep it in tip-top shape but just as a reminder: hand-washing is best, and if not – lose the heat and avoid the dryer! As with your body heat, too much heat in the washing process can kill the elastic, as well as ruining any delicate lace.

If you’re determined to keep your favourite bra for just a little bit longer, ask a seamstress to add an extra row of hooks so you can tighten the band – or do it yourself if you’re handy with a needle and thread. However, as much as you try to save your bra, eventually its time will come and it’s important to spot the signs. An uncomfortable and unsupportive bra, even if it is your favourite, will not do you any favours; plus, it offers you’re the chance of a shopping spree!

How to Save Your Bra from an Untimely Death