More than Size: Factors affecting your bra size

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Rhea Masquerade Bra by Panache

At Panache we believe that a great fitting bra is every woman’s right. Wearing the correct size is essential for a flattering figure and for optimum comfort. However, it is not only your back and cup size measurements that will affect the fit of your bra. The shape and position of your breasts can cause certain bras to be painful or unflattering. Every woman is different, and what works for one person may be agony for another so learning more about bra styles can take the stress out of bra shopping.

Women with a larger bust commonly have breasts where the weight and fullness is greatest on the bottom of the breast. If this is you, bras with a full cup such as the Superbra Andorra will showcase your curves and provide great support, but you may wish to avoid push up styles which create uplift using padding in the bottom of the bra.

Many women also have breasts where the weight and fullness is predominantly at the top of the breast, and may experience problems with full cup bras which may cut in and create an uneven silhouette. A balconnet bra like the Cleo Marcie are the most flattering for this shape, as they are lower cut but still provide support.

Women whose breasts sit close together on the chest may find that they spill out of the front of a plunge or push up bra. Look for bras with a narrow central gore like the Masquerade Rhea so that the under-wiring of your bra will sit comfortably between your breasts rather than digging into breast tissue. For those women with the opposite problem, whose breasts sit far apart on their chest, even cleavage-enhancing bras may not provide the desired effect. Women with a larger bust and wide set breasts should search out bras which feature extra support and coverage at the sides of the bra.

Panache has plenty of bras to suit every shape, so you are sure to find a style to fit you. And if you’re note sure whether your bra is fitting correctly or not, make sure you try out Bra Fit Challenge for some helpful tips.

More than Size: Factors affecting your bra size