Step-by-Step: How Your Bra Needs To Fit

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The benefits of a properly-fitted bra can never be underestimated – from better posture to perfect comfort, you’ll notice the difference immediately when you slip on the correct size and banish uncomfortable under-wiring, baggy elastic and slipping straps to the bin. But how should your bra fit? What signs should you look out for?

Most of the support provided by your bra should come from the underband, and not the straps. The underband should lie straight against the middle of your back, below your shoulder blades, and not ride up. Although the underband should be tight to provide the maximum support possible, you should still be able to get two fingers between your bra and your skin so that it lies flat against your body rather than squeezing you painfully and causing bulges. When you first buy spielautomaten kaufen the bra, it should fit perfectly on the loosest clasp – as you wear and wash your bra, it will begin to stretch and you will need to move up a clasp or two, so this will extend the life of the bra.

Although the underband will provide the majority of the support, the straps are also an integral feature – particularly for your comfort. The straps should not slide off your shoulders, or cut in and leave red marks; if you often have problems with ill-fitting straps, look for bras which have fully extendable straps to give you more options for adjusting the fit.

The cups of your bra should lie flat against your skin; if they are gaping or wrinkling, you may need to go down a cup size. The opposite problem, where your breasts are spilling out of the top of the cups, means you may need to go up a cup size. If you are struggling to determine whether the cups of your bra fit properly, pull on a form-fitting t-shirt and check that your bra creates a smooth line under the fabric.

On top of this, if you are wearing an under-wired bra, the under-wire should sit flat against your skin and not poke you under the arm. The centre panel, or ‘gore’, should also sit flat against your chest. If you are experiencing any problems with the fit of your bra, go to an experienced fitter to get yourself measured – you may be surprised!

Step-by-Step: How Your Bra Needs To Fit