Strictly Come Dancing hits our screens

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Lisa Riley Strictly Come Dancing | Panache It’s Strictly Come Dancing season once again and when it comes to Saturday night viewing, you can’t get much better than the glitz and glamour of this popular TV show. The first live show aired last weekend and predictably the outfits were just as dramatic as the dancing. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been dreaming in sequins ever since!

Lisa Riley wowed with her routine, which was full of sparkle and humour along with some pretty fancy footwork. We were also impressed by the bra which was holding everything in place! For ladies with a larger bust, vigorous exercise and a low cut top would usually spell disaster. Lisa, however, managed to keep her dignity and style in a wrap-style dress with turquoise fringing. A wardrobe malfunction on the show is not unheard of, with last year’s star Chelsee Healey unfortunately exposing a bit more than intended, leaving her in tears at the end of her routine.

If you want to avoid Chelsee’s fate and keep smiling like Lisa, it’s essential that you are fitted for the correct bra. A supportive bra can not only show your curves off to their full advantage, but will save you from any wardrobe mishaps. Why not try our Bra Fit Challenge to see if your bra is fitted correctly so that you can dance the night away without any worry or pain? And if the exercise is really vigorous, don’t forget the importance of a good sports bra!

For those of you who might want to take inspiration from the daring outfits worn by contestants and presenters alike, there are plenty of bra options to choose from. A strapless bra may seem daunting to those of us with larger breasts but if the bra is properly fitted you can carry off a number of styles. The Evie Strapless Bra would work perfectly with dresses that have intricate necklines or which are lacy and sheer. A multiway bra which can be worn in a variety of styles is also a valuable investment for women who want to follow fashion without compromising on comfort and support.

Which of the Strictly contestants’ outfits are you coveting?

Strictly Come Dancing hits our screens