The importance of… a good sports bra

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Any woman who’s gone on a run, worked out at the gym or attended a dance class without a decent sports bra will know what we mean when we say they are essential. Wearing a regular bra to take part in anything energetic won’t cut the mustard – not only are you likely to experience discomfort, but it can also stop you from exercising properly and feeling comfortable doing so.

Some women with smaller breasts might find that exercising with no bra at all is actually more comfortable than trying to wear a sports bra, but it’s down to you as an individual. If you have a larger bust, or are exercising quite recently after a pregnancy, then a good sports bra will probably be an essential in order to help you feel supported.

There is some science behind this – it’s not just about how we feel! Your breast tissue is supported by muscles called Cooper’s ligaments (named after the chap who ‘discovered’ them back in 1840) and exercising without comfortable support has the potential to cause problems with these ligaments, which has been suggested lead to sagging.

panache sports bra

So what should you be looking for in the perfect sports bra? For a start, you need the correct support and all-over comfort to ensure that you can exercise without any difficulties. Our Panache Sports bra has been designed for women between a b and H cup, meaning that you’re guaranteed excellent support whatever exercise you do. Although it is an underwired sports bra, the underwires are coated in silicone and sewn in between the fabric layers – making them barely noticable!

Comfort is another essential for a great sports bra, so soft, moulded fabric cups, padded straps and a smooth internal silhouette are very important. Most sports bras will be made of sports-ready materials, but do check as you need a fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool whatever your workout.

For anyone who loves exercise, or is even just starting to get fit, then a good sports bra is very important, both to protect your breasts and to make sure you make the most of that fantastic feel-good workout!

The importance of… a good sports bra