The Perfect Winter Accessories

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The Perfect Winter Accessories


You’ve probably done it a few times in the last month or so – you’ve walked out of the door with just a cardigan on for warmth, and you’ve hurriedly run back inside for more layers. It’s difficult getting used to a new season, so why not treat yourself to some new winter accessories to make the chilly climate more bearable?

Let’s start with the fail-safe hat. It’s definitely one of the best ways to keep warm and you have an abundance of choices, style-wise. Opt for a beanie hat if you want your ears protected from the cold – you can choose a simple black design or, instead, look for a whimsical design with a fox, bear or similar printed onto it. Alternatively, choose a bright shade like fuchsia or cobalt to make your wintry outfit zing with colour. For a smarter look, you can’t go wrong with the bowler hat. It’ll provide a perfectly cool London look.


As for your scarf, there are a couple of types that are full-on trendy this season. Tartan is the biggest print for autumn/winter 2013-14 so choose a classic tartan scarf to complete your look. Alternatively, transform your outfit from drab to darling with a light, chiffon scarf. Another option will ensure you radiate world traveller vibes – go for an oversized scarf in an autumnal paisley print.


Keep your hands warm with some essential gloves too. Why not opt for a smart leather pair or, alternatively, have fun with velvet or lace designs? These days, we’re very much glued to our phones or tablets so a pair of fingerless mittens are really the way to go. They’ll mean you can carry on communicating or typing away without having to take your gloves off, then just simply fold the flaps over when you’re done. Easy.


Do you have favourite winter accessories or are you on the hunt for some new essentials this year?


The Perfect Winter Accessories