Find Your Fit

This summer, Panache invites you to Find Your Fit. The mission is simple; to encourage women to go and get fitted, we want every woman out there to know their true bra size and find their fit! We want all women to have that ‘Wow!’ moment, when you find your perfect bra with straps that stay and cups that banish bulges; it really can make you feel a million dollars. A well-fitted bra not only feels more comfortable, but can completely change your body’s shape and posture!

Find Your Fit

We all know our shape changes as we grow older (even though sometime we might not want to admit it), and if our clothing size changes, why would our bra size stay the same? A study of 3,000 women by Panache found that over half of women (52 per cent) have never had a bra fitting. And of those who have been for a professional fitting, the majority (78%) have changed their bra size after finding out that they had been wearing the wrong size bra.

At the end of the day bras are a staple of a woman’s wardrobe and we want to make sure these foundations of female fashion are fully understood.

It’s time to champion the importance of fit amongst women all over the world! This is why want you to Find Your Fit, so grab your friends and head to your local event. We’re teaming up with all our amazing stockists across the world to host special events where women of all ages can come along and get fitted by one of our experts.

Find your
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Find your fit

Visit your local Panache retailer for a personal fitting service.

Latest Panache research shows that half of women have never had a professional bra fitting, some because they feel shy or don’t know how beneficial wearing the correct fitting bra really is! We want you to know that the right bra can be just as comfortable as your old favourite, and make you look and feel great too. Search for your local Panache stockist now for your ‘wow’ moment.


We’re on a mission to make sure every woman can finally say that they have #FoundMyFit! Simply post a picture wearing Panache, and tell us about your fitting experience with the hashtag #FoundMyFit to be in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes throughout our campaign.