5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Strapless Bra

It seems as though many women are struggling to find that perfect, trusty Strapless bra they desperately need to go with their favourite strapless outfits. Read on to discover what you may be doing wrong, or what you need to do in order to find ‘the one’.

Prioritise the fit

As we’ve told you before, making sure you’re wearing the correct bra size is important for many reasons, including both comfort and health. How do you know your bra size if you’ve never been professionally fitted? Not to mention how often our body weight and size fluctuates, resulting in the possibility of our bra size changing over time without us realising.

A good fitting bra provides support, and 80% of that support is supposed to come from the underband. If you’re wearing the wrong bra size with an underband that is too big, then you’ve lost all that support – and that’s without straps to save you! Many women struggle to find a supportive strapless bra simply because they are unknowingly wearing the wrong size.

(Panache Evie Strapless, available in D-H cup and 30-40 band)

Remember its function

We provide strapless bras in a larger size curve which means there are many components that go into them in order to make sure they work. One of the main examples being the silicone elastic along the top and bottom of the wings. This provides a snug and secure fit, ensuring it stays in place without the need for straps. Our strapless styles have either moulded cups or lightly padded cups, which give a smoother look under clothing along with a more supportive and uplifted fit.

Not to forget the wider hook and eye provided on the Sculptresse ‘Dana’ – having a depth of 5 hooks means that the wider band distributes pressure, making it comfortable for longer. We really have thought of everything! Each of our strapless styles also come with fully adjustable, detachable straps that can be worn straight, cross back or halter neck. It’s all about functionality – you want a functional bra that goes perfectly with all of your outfits!

(Sculptresse Dana Strapless, available in D-J cup and 34-46 band)

Don’t forget to scoop

Do you scoop your breasts into the cups of your bra when you put it on? Our breast tissue needs to be scooped forward to ensure that everything is in place where it should be. ‘Scooping’ is an essential part of correctly wearing a bra, and you may feel like your bra doesn’t fit until you do it. By scooping your breast tissue into the bra, you’re filling up the cups nicely and ensuring that the underwire is encapsulating your breasts, and not sitting on top of it.

(Cleo By Panache Koko Plunge Strapless, available in D-G cup and 28-38 band)

 Skip the moisturisers

As we’ve mentioned, our strapless bras all feature a silicone edging along the wings. It’s best to avoid putting on any kind of lotion, moisturiser, and powder (etc) on your body where your bra will sit. This is because it will prevent the silicone edging from doing its job and helping your strapless bra stay secure against your skin.

(Panache Quinn Plunge Strapless, available in D-G cup and 28-38 band)

Look after your assets

When you find your perfect strapless bra, treasure it. Hand wash it with love and dry it with care! Avoid machine washing and tumble drying your bras, as this causes all those components that are working so hard to keep you supported and lifted to break down. If your strapless bra has become weakened (and you can’t always see this from the outside) because of harsh machine washing, it may not be able to support you to its full potential. If you want to learn more about bra care, read our Bra Care Tips and Tricks blog.  

Now that you know the 5 steps to finding the perfect strapless bra, take a browse and find the best style for you. We have a range styles and sizes available in versatile colours, so that you can enjoy your favourite outfits with style, comfort and support.

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5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Strapless Bra

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