Baroque Christmas trend

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As the party season approaches, we’re getting a little bit obsessed with one of this season’s hottest trends – Baroque; the perfect look to take you to all of your fabulous social engagements and Christmas parties over the next few weeks. Baroque is all about luxurious fabrics, sparkly embellishments and bold, regal prints, making it ideal for the festive season.  With this look, more is definitely more, so don’t be afraid to pile on the jewels and mix up textures – Christmas is the time to go all out with daring fashion choices.

The key to this look is in the heavy and plush textures; combine silk, velvet, cashmere and brocade for high-fashion styling, and stick to rich, opulent colours like purples, reds, golds and black for an update to traditional monochrome but be sure to add some sparkle.

There are plenty of statement pieces for the baroque trend which you can pair with your other winter favourites for an instant style update. Why not switch last year’s ballet flats for a pair of velvet slippers? Use the lavish patterns which are central to the baroque trend to draw attention to your favourite bits. Got great pins? Try a pair of brocade trousers or some printed shorts over black tights. Proud of your curves? A statement necklace paired with a V-neck or a long-sleeved pencil dress with a subtler pattern will help you show off your assets. For those on a budget, pick up a printed scarf that hints towards the trend.

Although the baroque look can be easily incorporated into a sleek daytime outfit, party time is really when this extravagant look comes alive. Big earrings, sequinned jackets, embellished dresses and daring prints – your office Christmas party won’t know what’s hit it if you go all out on this trend. To avoid looking like you’ve stepped out of a bad period drama, stick to sophisticated silhouettes and remember Coco Chanel’s golden rule – take off the last accessory you put on just before you leave the house, and you’ll never look overdressed.

So, are you ready to baroque ‘n’ roll?

Baroque Christmas trend