'Behind the Scenes' Series: City Girls Blogger Event

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Over the next few weeks we will be posting a series of blog posts about our ‘Behind the Scenes’ activities, which we hope you will find interesting, informative and entertaining! We get a lot of queries asking us about our photo shoots, events, product development, etc, so we hope these posts will give a good understanding into what goes on behind the scenes at Panache.

To start the series, this week we take a look behind the scenes of a blogger event.

City Girls Blogger Event, Sheffield, by Zehra, Marketing Administrator and Fitter


Earlier this year, Panache was asked by Holly-Lucy from Tea and Blush and Lorna from Life by lde  to be present at the first #TheCityGirls blogger event in Sheffield. The City Girls are a group of Northern-based beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, and as Panache are a Sheffield-based company too, the event was a perfect opportunity to promote both the brand and the benefits of wearing a correctly fitting bra to local bloggers. The event also supported the City Hearts charity, which is a Sheffield-based anti-trafficking charity, founded to support vulnerable women.

Brands in attendance included Lush and Benefit, plus local companies Second Thread and Cinnamon Buns Designs.

There were 28 bloggers present, all excited to meet each other and try out some of the products available. I was offering a free fitting service for anyone who wanted the opportunity to be fitted in their correct size, and also gifted those who were fitted with a lingerie or swimwear set of their choice. The girls were a bit nervous at first about getting fitted; I think they were waiting for someone to go first! My screen that I was supposed to use didn’t provide the privacy needed so I ended up doing the fittings in a toilet! But once I started, I didn’t stop, with two solid hours of fittings, and many happy ladies in the process. I unfortunately ran out of time to fit everyone but invited anyone who lived locally to pop into our offices and get fitted at a later date.

Out of the 18 girls I fitted, only 2 were wearing the correct size to start with, which means over 95% were wearing the wrong size bra. I should have been shocked, but after fitting for nearly 10 years I wasn’t. I always try to stress the importance of wearing a bra that fits properly when I’m fitting, without sounding like a nagging teacher, but most women realise instantly the difference a properly fitting bra makes. In short, wearing the correct sized bra will make you feel comfortable, provide support to the breasts, help reduce long-term sagging and ligament damage, reduce skin irritation, help prevent back, neck and shoulder pain and improve posture. It can also make you appear slimmer by lifting the breasts and creating a smoother silhouette, and clothes will fit better! So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t been fitted in the last year at least, then go along to your local lingerie store and get fitted! For your nearest Panache stockist, see here.

So the first #TheCityGirls event was a huge success. It was very tiring but completely worth it to see all those girls with a smile on their face and happy in the knowledge that they have done something good for themselves. I’d like to thank Holly-Lucy and Lorna for inviting me, and all the girls who came over and got fitted.


Below are some of the reviews for the lingerie gifted on the day:





'Behind the Scenes' Series: City Girls Blogger Event