Best Briefs for What You’re Wearing

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Hipsters, French knickers, boy pants – we all have our favourite type of underwear that we tend to stick to, but sometimes they don’t necessarily go with our outfit. We’re all habitually guilty of grabbing the same underwear out of the draw and assuming they go with everything. There’s only so long this can work, until disaster strikes. Do you really want to be a victim of VPL? Didn’t think so! Here’s a guide to choosing the best briefs for the outfits you’re wearing. Listen well.

Control Brief

You’ve been asked out on a date with the most eligible bachelor in the neighbourhood and your dress preference is the classic ‘Little Black Dress.’ Whilst getting dressed you’re debating over a beautiful lace thong or a pair of control briefs. In this case, it’s time to go all ‘Bridget Jones’. Whilst the thong may leave you feeling sexy underneath your clothes, the control briefs will help shape your silhouette and pull in all those wobbly bits that only you should see, leaving you feeling beautiful on the inside and out.

French Knickers

French knickers generally evoke a sense of luxury. Made of fine silk or frilly cotton, ‘frenchies’ can leave you feeling like a million dollars. However, they are the worst offenders of the visible panty line.  French knickers are the best accompaniment to loose dresses, A-line skirts and jeans, where they can be tucked away and then only seen in the bedroom.


If you have a toned tummy and you’re happy to flaunt it, hipsters are your best friend. Hipster briefs have a very low rise, which is perfect for wearing tight jeans that show off parts of your stomach or if you have a lower back tattoo you cannot wait to show off.


G-Strings, V-Strings, C-Strings or as most of us know them; thongs, can at times be the most uncomfortable underwear garment, but a lot of us still buy them. The problem with thongs is that they never want to stay in place and you spend half the time wriggling to get comfortable whilst wearing them. This is why thongs should be really be used for the bedroom and not much else. However, if you’re a daring character and want to really feel liberated in the underwear department, wearing them with a pair of jeans will be the perfect match. Wearing a thong with a pair of jeans means that when you bend over you’ll grab attention and when you’re upright, the tightness of the jeans should hold your thong firmly in place.

Hopefully after reading this article, you will be prepared for all your future outfits and avoid any underwear disasters.

Best Briefs for What You’re Wearing